Our Story

 is the future of personal AI assistants…
and it’s a very bright future

We believe… 😎

Better Ai was founded with the belief that the future of technology is relationships. As technology grows smarter and more capable, we asked ourselves what type of relationship should we have with it? What should it know? What should we let it learn about us and our family?

We are excited about the future of tech, with its bright and inspiring promise to simplify our lives. But we have to feel comfortable knowing our best interests are the priority to the services we use. Trust matters.

What we’re building

We’ve set out to build the experience that we wanted for the future. The personal AI assistant who could simplify our lives and be as trustworthy as a real personal assistant. We want to remove stress and friction – minus creeping you out.

Better Ai is a personal assistant that you simply text to do the work for you. Text – as in, not another app to download or thing to learn. You never choose the automated menu over the customer service agent, do you? Neither do we.

Why we’re doing it…

We think it’s simple:

  • Too many things bouncing around your head
  • Don’t want more apps and more tools
  • Technology overload
  • Keeping track of info is tiring

How we’re doing it…

Do you like forgetting things? No one does. Text your assistant to make reminders, find free time in your calendars, and to recall information. No learning curve or download. Just text and enjoy the relief of having a smart assistant do the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to.

We hope you enjoy! ❤️

The Better Ai Team

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