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Reminder ๐Ÿ’ก

Reminders are so much easier when you have someone to remind you.

Remind me

Asking the assistant to remind you of something at a certain time.

Remind me to take the trash to the curb tomorrow night.

Remind someone

Asking the assistant to send a reminder to a member of your family at a certain time.

Please remind my wife tomorrow night at 6 pm that I'll be home late from work.

Remember โฐ

Stop trying to remember everything and let your assistant do it instead.

Picture / File

Sending a picture/file to the assistant and asking him/her to remember it. Usually with some accompanying explanation.

Remember this file because it has my daughter's health records on it.


Sending a message to the assistant and asking for him/her to remember something for future use.

Remember that the swimming pool's gate code is 3333.

Calendar ๐Ÿ“…

Instead of managing a calendar app, just ask your assistant to help out.

Add events

Adding a new event to your calendar.

Put a new event on my calendar for all day March 14 and call it "field trip"

Delete events

Deleting an event from your calendar.

Delete "gym" from my calendar for tomorrow morning

Reschedule events

Rescheduling an existing event to a different time slot.

Reschedule our skiing trip from this weekend to the following one

List my events

Asking the assistant to show you what events you have on a certain day.

What's on my calendar today?

Daily digest

Profile setting to have the assistant text you the day’s events at a specified time.

Default event length

Profile setting for the default length of a newly created calendar event.

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