Think of your Better Ai assistant as the keeper of all family lists, the guardian of your family calendar and the informer of all things that might slip someone’s mind in a busy household



per month

*Available in the US only

Here’s what your assistant can do for you:


Manage your Google calendars


Provide a single free phone number that anyone in your family can text (unlimited!) to get things done


Take requests and text with unlimited family members


Store all of your assistant’s history and activities in a home dashboard


How is Better Ai different from other personal assistants?

Better Ai is built with a single purpose: To make busy family’s lives easier. Other personal assistants use your family and household info to advertise. Better Ai is here to provide a single point of contact that you can trust to help your family.

What about security?

Better Ai does not sell or redistribute your family’s data. Your data is secured and encrypted, and only used for the purpose of providing a better and more personalized assistant experience for your family. You can read more about how we secure your data in our privacy policy.

Is it $7.99 per month or per assistant?

For however many family members you have, you will only be charged per assistant. So if you have 5 family members and need 1 assistant, you’ll pay $7.99 per month (and can add as many family members as you’d like!).

Can I try it first?

Of course! Sign up here for a free 30 day trial.