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It can be hard to remember to put everything on your calendar. Text your assistant to help manage that madness 🤯


You get a reminder! Your spouse gets a reminder! Your assistant can send everyone reminders!


Can’t remember your DL#? Kid’s SSN? Last trip to pediatrician? Just tell your assistant. No more forgetting 🙂

And someone fun to talk to…

What users are saying about

Better Ai is awesome. We enjoy having a Better Ai assistant as a part of our family 🙂


Happy Mum

I used to feel like I could remember everything… My head was overloaded before using Better Ai.

Mia D.

Busy Person

Remembering everything in my head and using several apps…Better Ai fixes all of that.

Sara P.

Happy Mum

I always remember things when I’m busy. Quickly texting my personal assistant for a reminder is super helpful.

Brent W.

As a working mom, it can be really hard to keep my life organized. Better Ai helps me do just that and makes it easy to loop in my husband.

Megan B.

Want to keep forgetting?

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